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Budget impacts

EACH week we’re hearing how workers and services, and ultimately Tasmanians, are bearing the brunt of budget cuts. We’ll keep sharing this information with you and the Tasmanian community as it highlights the importance of the work of our members as well as how the government’s haphazard hacking approach to budget cuts is failing and hurting the community.

Parks & Wildlife

Yesterday Independent Rosevears MLC Kerry Finch highlighted the severe funding constraints on the Parks & Wildlife Service. PWS employees are looking after more land after it was transferred from Forestry Tasmania. Mr Finch said if track work and other maintenance were not kept up, regional tourism would suffer. Read more here.


School IT

School IT was once again under the spotlight last week, with concern about the impacts of cuts in this area. A union survey showed principals were worried about the level of IT support staff and students would receive. “We have staff and students now using technology in multiple, effective ways to support learning, and when things go wrong, and they do, who will help?” one response said, We will not be able to continue with laptops for students as there won’t be staff to service them”, said another. Read more here.


Mental Health

A recent example is the strains at Mental Health Facility Clare House (The Mercury Feb 10), where, due to a lack of staff, books were closed over Christmas and New Year. Because of this workload union members are working to rule, no longer seeing non-emergency patients and senior staffs are reducing their caseloads from five to 10 patients.

This comes after one of Tasmania’s top psychiatrists Dr Fiona Wagg said the system was chronically underfunded and we had “the most poorly-resourced child and adolescent mental health service of all the states in Australia’’. Read more in the article below.


These are just a few examples of what’s happening, and we’ll continue to work with Members and the community to uncover a fuller picture of what budget cuts really mean to Tasmanians.



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