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Retail slumps under Gutwein, Hodgman cuts agenda

THE Government’s ruthless cuts to the public sector are hurting Tasmania.

Yesterday Australian Bureau of Statistics figures showed retail trade was down for the fourth month in a row. Spending in December was $460.4M compared to $461.4 in November –Tasmania was the only state or territory to record a loss for the traditional spend-big month in the calendar.

These figures shouldn’t be surprising, with Treasurer Peter Gutwein and Premier Will Hodgman wielding the axe, with jobs lost and under threat since they unveiled their budget last year.

If job losses are on the table, then people cut back on spending, unsure what’s around the corner.

We’re hearing many workers aren’t given a choice, they are forced to go

Cutting jobs is bad for the economy, as unions have warned.

Last year CPSU General Secretary Tom Lynch told the ABC: “What the government is achieving at the moment is, it is slowing the economy, and it is driving retail sales down.”

While it’s not clear how many jobs have gone in total, This month should see job cut figures released in the Revised Estimates report, due mid-February.


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