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Survey: work and life

The ACTU Survey: Our Living Standards, Our Voice revealed some shocking statistics when it was released last week.

The peak body surveyed tens of thousands of Australians on a range of issues about work and their living conditions.

The results were anything but rosy.

Some key statistics were:

  • 55% of 39,856 respondents strongly agreed or agreed that they felt worried about losing their job in the next few years.
  • 58% of these respondents strongly disagreed or disagreed that they felt comfortable about speaking up about their rights at work.
  • 64% of 36,024 respondents said they felt very worried about any new laws or proposals from the government inquiries to reduce rights at work.
  • 92% of 33,234 respondents said they were worried about a growing number of ‘working poor’ like there is in America.
  • 48% of 36,024 respondents said they were coping, when asked how they were managing their household income

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