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News from the ACTU

♦ LAST week the Australian Council of Trade Unions reported that it was committed to protecting penalty rate conditions in its modern award review, its campaigning and in the workplace. THE ACTU condemned moves by employer groups to remove penalty rates from the industrial safety net, saying it’s there to improve the living standards and working conditions of all Australians.


♦ MEANWHILE the ACTU is also advocating for a rise in the minimum wage in the Fair Work Commission’s Annual Wage Review. The ACTU’s pushing for a $27 a week increase for the lowest paid, lifting the minimum wage to $667.90 per week, or $17.58 an hour. Some 1.86 million Australians are paid the minimum wage. ACTU Secretary Dave Oliver said a $27 per week pay rise was essential if Australia was to avoid creating an underclass of working poor.


♦ LAST week the ACTU also welcomed a new Assistant Secretary. Incoming Assistant Secretary Scott Connolly’s worked in the trade union all his life, with the last 16 years at the Transport Workers Union. Mr Connolly was involved in increasing parental leave entitlements for workers at Virgin was also involved in the world leading introduction of domestic violence leave.

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