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TasTAFE Draft Bullying & Harrassment Policy and Procedure: Your feedback needed

ON THURSDAY March 19 your CPSU received a communication from TasTAFE Management about the new draft Bullying and Harassment Policy and Procedure that the Department prepared.   Your union along with the Workplace Health and Safety (WHS) Committee and the Workforce Consultative Committee (WCC) will be involved throughout the consultation process.   

The Bullying and Harassment Policy and procedure identifies and outlines what bullying and harassment might look like in the workplace, it provides examples of such behaviors and advises staff of their legal obligations to comply with this behavior and the procedures outlined within. The policy outlines and provides a guideline to staff about how they can manage and respond to any sort of bullying treatment that they may encounter. The documents also outlines the process managers are to follow if a staff member lodges a report for bullying. The complaints process is highlighted, along with the support that’s available to staff if they need help.  

Your Organiser Sarah Miller is calling for feedback, questions about the policy or procedure documents, and concerns and/or issues that you might want to advise the CPSU about before the Agency starts to implement the documents. Please remember that the documents are in draft form until the consultation process is complete and Members and your union have had a reasonable chance to have an input into the outcome.  

Find the documents here: Bullying and Harassment Policy v2 Bullying and Harassment Procedure V2

Please forward all feedback to Sarah by COB Wednesday April 15 at either or by phoning the CPSU office on 6234 1708.  

Sarah looks forward to hearing from you.

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