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Department of Police & Emergency Management Corporate Services Integration

ON WEDNESDAY May 6 TFS and TasPol Members came together to discuss the Corporate Services Integration proposal.

The meeting was a chance for Members to discuss the Wise Lord and Ferguson report into how efficiencies could be made in both Departments, the draft accommodation strategy recently put out for consultation and the process currently being rolled out for the Integration of Corporate Services.

With so much happening at once, the risk of uncertainty, inconsistency and lack of transparency around the integration of services is high.  That is why ii was so important Members were able to meet, discuss the issues and understand the implications.

Members were briefed on a letter the CPSU sent to the DPEM Secretary (Darren Hine – Integration Project) making clear the CPSU’s position that resolution to the industrial issues such as the loading paid to TFS staff must be resolved before any relocation or co-location and that that full consultation on the integration of services is given to the CPSU and Members.

100% of Members present at the meeting agreed to this position.

Members agreed that without certainty about their future conditions of employment they were unable to reasonably provide feedback on any integration proposal.

The Commissioner is yet to formally respond to that letter but indicated a response should be provided this week.

There are many matters to be discussed and agreed to before any change and we’ve encouraged the Department to sit down and begin these discussions, which include:


–          6% loading for uniform and working hours

–          Car parking

–          Office space

–          Vehicle fleet (Lease VS Buy)

–          Workplace culture etc.

–          Initial matters of concern and questions document: Proposed Accommodation Strategy – CPSU Concerns


As a CPSU Member, we’d like you to please email Organiser Ruby Thomas-Thompson at with your concerns and questions about how the proposed Integration relocation will directly or indirectly affect you.

We look forward to providing Members with a further update once we have a response from the Department.



The CPSU is built on active Members and Delegates who pass information to other employees in their workplace, and ensure communication channels are open, so the interests of the collective are represented.

During this time it’s important that all Members are kept fully up-to-date on current matters of discussion and changes, as well as information on their rights are as Union Members and State Public Sector employees.

If you’re interested in taking a more active role in the CPSU and your workplace then please contact your CPSU Organiser Ruby Thomas-Thompson to discuss this further.

If you have any questions or concerns then please feel free to contact your CPSU Organiser Ruby Thomas-Thompson at  or 6234 1708 / 0400 903 262.


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