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Call to rethink axing REO program

LAST week the CPSU and HACSU called for the government to rethink its decision to axe a program that helped ex-prisoners find accommodation.

The Salvation Army’s Reintegration of Ex-Offenders program provides pre and post release support for ex-prisoners, remandees and parolees, giving them access to transitional accommodation. Without it, these people would be likely to become homeless when they’re released, which is not only a bad outcome for these people but also for the community.


Speaking to the media Tom Lynch pointed out the precarious situation this left these people in. “Prisoners cannot make application for parole unless they have accommodation sorted and they can’t put their name down for public housing until they’re out of prison,” Mr Lynch said. Axing this program is more costly than running it, with prisoners would have to stay in prison, if they can’t find accommodation.


Read the letter from the Tenants’ Union of Tasmania to Human Services Minister Jacquie Petrusma here: REOSupportletter

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