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State Budget out tomorrow

SOME details of tomorrow’s budget have already been released, but what else can be expected? The table below shows the agency savings strategies from last year’s budget over the forward estimates. (Click to enlarge).











More cuts are embedded in this budget and in coming years, despite the Government saying there are no “new” cuts. When asked about job cuts in an interview with the Mercury this week, Treasurer Peter Gutwein said: “We announced a total number that would see a reduction across the four years of 1200. We are on track this year to achieve the target that we set for the first year which was the bulk of those reductions. But obviously there’s still some work to be done and we’re not going to retreat from ensuring that we put the budget on a sustainable pathway.”

Some areas are quarantined from cuts, for example Mr Gutwein said that there were “no more teachers’ jobs to go”, but what does this mean for Education? The rest of the agency will have to wear the larger cuts, and this is just one example. Another case is our Parks service. Earlier this week $8m was announced for Parks infrastructure but the government cut $12.5m in last year’s budget. Maintenance is behind, infrastructure is failing and there isn’t enough staff. We’ve also heard money from GST revenue is going to what seems to be politically focused infrastructure projects and private businesses rather than helping rebuild services for Tasmanians.

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