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Your services: Worth fighting for

JOIN us in the fight for your services.
Today public sector unions start an advertising campaign ahead of next Thursday’s budget.
The TV advertisements highlight the damage budget cuts have already done and the Hodgman government’s broken promises ahead. This budget there’ll be more cuts, despite the Premier saying there are no “new” cuts.
This means more pressure on services Tasmanians rely on, including schools and health services Mr Hodgman promised would be quarantined from cuts before the election. If you work in the public sector, we don’t need to tell you the impact these cuts have on you and your job and workload.
We need to send a clear message to the government and the community that cuts to your services hurt and need to stop. Just today media revealed that money from GST revenue will not go back into services for Tasmanians, rather pork barrelling ahead of the next election.
We need your support, so join the campaign and spread the message.


How you can get involved:

Sign up for the campaign here.
Like the Facebook page here.

Watch and share the campaign videos here.

Share your budget cut story (you can do so anonymously) here.

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