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Member receives pay increase with CPSU’s help

DESPITE an award review some years ago it recently became apparent a CPSU Member was still being paid under their previous award rather than the Tasmanian State Service Award. 
The agency agreed to move their rate of pay over to the TSSA but said the Member must reduce their hours to make up for the fact that a move to TSSA conditions meant an effective increase in pay. 
After discussions between the agency and the CPSU, and with the help of the Tasmanian Industrial Commission, we were able to negotiate an outcome that moved our Member onto the TSSA pay rates on hours that suited them.
It pays to be part of the CPSU as we can give Members advice and help in a range of difficult situations, and this was just one example. If you know someone in your workplace who’s not a Member they should join today as they never know when they might need help.
It’s often hard to negotiate a better outcome or say no when agencies try to make changes to employment conditions and entitlements, but the CPSU is there to advocate for Members. 
Do you need help or know a Member who does? Find out more about how to do this here.

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