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Politician Pay debate ongoing

AFTER passing the Lower House last week, now the debate on MP pay has moved to the Tasmanian Upper House this week. So far a number of MLCs are calling to scrap the parliament’s ability to have a say on politicians’ wages.

The CPSU agrees with this decision, and believes that wages matters for MPs and public sector workers should be arbitrated by the independent Industrial Commission.

On budget day Premier Will Hodgman said: “it has long been our view that longer-term, the salary, allowances and other remuneration for Members of Parliament should be decided at arm’s length, independent of politicians”. The CPSU agrees this should be the case indeed.

If the government believes remuneration should be decided at arm’s length, independent of politicians, then it should also accept the independent decision and not appeal decisions for its workers.

The Legislative Council continues to debate the Bill this week.

Today’s Examiner includes quotes from MLCs about politician pay. Find out what they have to say below (click on image to make it bigger).

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