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Public sector cuts impact on retail: Small Business Council

ON THE weekend Tasmania’s Small Business Council chief Robert Mallet spoke to media about the impact of public sector job losses on retail in our state.
Mr Mallet reported to the ABC that public sector job cuts have had an effect.
“The jobs scare, with the reduction in the public service, there’s probably a bit of a linger over that,” Mr Mallet said.  “We just need a bit more confidence in our economy and people wanting to spend.”
The CPSU has long said that job cuts, and the fear of losing one’s job, would have a flow-on effect to the economy. Late last year CPSU General Secretary Tom Lynch told media “what the government is achieving at the moment is, it is slowing the economy, and it is driving retail sales down”.
With over 330 FTE still to go, and the head count likely to be more than this, cuts will continue to impact on spending.

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