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Questions remain: state budget

THE STATE Budget was handed down last week and plenty of questions remain.
For starters, how on earth will the government create those 8000 jobs it crowed about?
The budget papers tell the real tale. Unemployment is to stay at 6.5% over the forward estimates and the participation rate and population are also projected to remain steady, so none of these economic indicators in the government’s own budget marry up with the 8000 jobs touted by Premier Hodgman and Treasurer Gutwein.
On WIN News on Monday Mr Hodgman said there’d be no more frontline cuts, but the forward estimates show there are 394 FTEs still to go with the head count likely to be much higher when you look at the number of jobs. The Premier and Treasurer have failed to outline what the ‘frontline’ is. Does it include workers in Service Tas, Parks, Community Corrections, Youth Justice? The list goes on.
The budget papers are vague and contain scant detail on savings strategies.

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