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State Growth: consultative meeting

CPSU Delegates and your CPSU Organiser met with management this week to discuss current matters at State Growth. These meetings are held monthly and give Members a chance to raise questions and receive information on current changes and issues.

There were a number of matters discussed at the most recent meeting. These included the budget, Work Health and Safety and the change register for State Growth. Please find an update on each of these discussion points below.


Budget – what does this mean for Members?
The Budget is now released and the figures have been made public, but we are yet to know what this truly means for Members and how this will impact staff over the coming financial year.

Now that the Budget is handed down, estimates are scheduled for next week and we hope to have a full understanding of what the budget means by July. The consultative meeting scheduled for July will solely focus on the recent Budget and how this will affect Members.


FTE Reduction Target Update
The CPSU received an update on the Department of State Growth FTE reduction target and how many jobs are yet to go.

Management advised that there are still 30-40 jobs to go through last year’s Government decision to shed 174 full time employees and that the Government has removed the June 30 deadline for this target to be reached. 


The Department of State Growth Change Register
The CPSU was provided with an updated copy of the Change Register, which outlines changes that have occurred to date and work that’s been done on potential changes.

CPSU Delegates will review this document before providing feedback to management on if any changes or inclusions need to be made. Please find a copy here: 201506 State Growth Change Register

This document will be placed on the Intranet for staff access.


June 2015 Consultative Meeting
The next meeting will focus on Work Health and Safety, including the Department’s focus on workplace culture and values.


The Department of State Growth Policy Development
The Department is currently operating under two separate policies for employees and the CPSU requested that work is sped up on this to ensure all employees receive consistency and fairness across the board.

It’s important for all Members to provide any feedback or questions they wish to be raised with management to their CPSU Delegate or Organiser so these can be followed up at the consultative meetings.

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