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Treasurer changes your pay day

YOUR CPSU has only this week been briefed on plans to change your next pay day.
Note that this will apply to all public sector workers apart from those in DHHS who are on a different pay cycle.
In the upcoming 2015-16 financial year, there fall 27 pay days.  The effect of this is felt on the first pay day of the New Year – Wednesday July 1.  The CPSU was told that this means that agencies won’t have the appropriation needed to make this pay until July 1 and so it’s necessary to delay everyone’s pay by one day.
The practice of paying people on Tuesday has been in place because it couldn’t be guaranteed that everyone would get their salary by their usual finishing time on Wednesday, as required by the relevant Awards.  The fact that the Treasurer is now changing this practice to make his budget and cash flow look tidy is in our view unnecessary and runs the risk of disrupting public sector workers greatly.
Pay should go through normally and the Treasurer can then process any accounting adjustments he wants or needs to make.  He has known about this for over a year now and to implement a change like this without proper consultation a couple of weeks before it happens isn’t appropriate.  Now, already busy and overloaded employees have been asked to go through and adjust their direct debits with their banks to make sure they aren’t affected by this change.
Treasury representatives confirmed the amount of work that has been done in an attempt to avoid any disruption and have stated that pays will be available in employee bank accounts by 9am on Wednesday July 1.  This is encouraging; however with any change there is the chance for things to go wrong.  Find a draft of an email that may or may not have been sent to you by your agency here: Draft email to employees re 27th pay.  We recommend following the steps in this email to make sure you are ready for this one-off change.
From here?
It’s important that you monitor your bank account closely on July 1.  If your pay doesn’t go in, advise your HR branch as soon as possible.  Take screenshots and photos to make sure that you are able to establish what time it is eventually deposited.  If it does not enter your bank account by your usual finishing time on Wednesday July 1, then your CPSU will be ready to help you in getting your pay as well as applicable waiting time penalties paid to you.
If you have any questions please contact your manager or HR branch in the first instance, or the CPSU via or 6234 1708.

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