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Unemployment rate now at 7%

FEWER Tasmanians employed, fewer looking for work and a higher unemployment rate.

Again in May we saw bad news for our state in the latest Australian Bureau of Statistics report on jobs numbers.

Unemployment rate

From April to May the unemployment rate rose from 6.9 to 7%.

Participation rate

For the same period the Tasmanian participation rate decreased from 60.8 to 60.6%.

Employed: total persons

The total number of people employed in our state dropped 700 from 238, 600 to 237, 900.

Employed full time: total persons

From April to May the total number of people in Tasmania employed full time was down by 400, from 153,700 to 153,300.

Unemployed: total persons

For the reporting period the total number of unemployed people in our state was up 300 persons from 17, 700 to 18, 000.


The civilian population was slightly up from April to May, increasing from 422, 000 to 422,100

National outlook

Looking nationally, our unemployment rate was down to 6% in May, a decrease of 0.2%.

Source: Australian Bureau of Statistics. Find out more here.

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