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Agency now consulting its workforce

TASTAFE will now consult with affected Members on proposed changes. This comes after the CPSU twice met with management about the lack of consultation for admin staff in the delivery teams who were below band five.

In May the CPSU met with management to say consultation with these workers was needed, but this advice was ignored, and in June the CPSU raised the same issue with TasTAFE management.

It was agreed that a communique would be sent to affected staff containing proposed changes as well as setting out a process and timeline for employees to give feedback about the changes.

It was also agreed that feedback would be genuinely considered, with changes modified where appropriate. It’s great that staff now have a genuine say on proposed changes that affect them and the way they work.

Change is always better after consultation as most of the time staff best understand its impact and whether a proposal is practicable or not.

It makes sense to consult, and it’s a win-win situation – workers have their say and in turn their input makes for better change.

The Tasmanian State Service Award also sets out provisions for consultation, where agencies must consult with affected workers before a change happens.

The CPSU regularly raises consultation concerns with agencies, who often have to stop rolling out their plans and go back and genuinely consult.

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