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Delegate training

ON MONDAY and Tuesday 11 CPSU Delegates took part in Foundations training at the CPSU Office.
Delegates were from a range of workplaces and roles. The two days focused on learning more about their union role, how the CPSU operates and how to work with Members and their union to improve workplaces.
Trainer, the CPSU’s Angela Ames said the two days were really inspiring.

“It was a privileged to work with 11 such dedicated people,” Ange said.  The group was really excited about being able to build a strong union workplace. “It was great to see the more experienced Delegates coaching the newer faces and providing extra support. I believe by the end of the two days we all felt much more knowledgeable and confident.

Ange said the training largely focused on what the Delegate role was, what a strong and organised workplace looked like and how to make our workplaces strong.

Over the next few weeks we’ll hear from some of these Delegates in the coming fortnightly updates.

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