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Fire campaign: website up and running

LAST week we joined United Firefighters Union Members in their campaign to ensure these workers have enough funding and resources to safely carry out their important public duties.

The campaign launch was held last Wednesday on Parliament Lawns in Hobart, which saw a great turnout of firefighters and supporters.

UFU National Secretary Peter Marshall told the crowd that the state needed a well-resourced fire service. He said across Australia there was downward pressure on fire services to do more with less. This is at a time when both Parks and Forestry, workers who help fight and prepare for fires, have experienced massive cuts and reductions in capacity to respond to these events.

Tasmanian UFU Secretary Greg Cooper said that Tasmania’s fire service was the most efficient but had to do more with less.

“The fire service has had to slash its order for essential new fire trucks, while vital protective equipment for volunteer and career firefighters is being stored in boxes because of funding delays to equip fire stations,” Mr Cooper said. “Ratepayers would be concerned that their fire levy money – intended for community fire protection – is being spent on none-fire-related activities. Tasmania needs a transparent and independent fire service. These cuts could cost lives.”

It was great to see CPSU Members at the launch supporting firefighters, public sector workers we all rely on to keep our community safe. Find out more about the campaign and how to support it at the new website:

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