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Member achieves salary progression with CPSU’s help

THE CPSU’s Membership Advice & Support Team recently helped a Member in the Department of State Growth with a concern about their salary progression.

The Member contacted us concerned that they weren’t being paid according to a new progression level negotiated by the CPSU into the Tasmanian State Service Award to come into effect as of December 2014. The agency denied our Member this progression because it determined that a different performance standard was needed if staff had passed an advanced assessment point in their band, although this wasn’t a requirement of the Award.

The CPSU contacted the Agency on a number of occasions to try and resolve the matter but it was only after seeking help from the Tasmanian Industrial Commission that the Agency reviewed its position and agreed to progress the Member to their appropriate salary point. While this was a great outcome, any Members with similar concerns about salary progression should contact the CPSU for help at or on 6234 1708.

Need help? Find out more about how the CPSU can help Members with individual issues here.

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