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Morale low, workload high at Biosecurity Tasmania

A CPSU survey has revealed major concerns for workers at Biosecurity Tasmania.

The two most significant issues the survey highlighted were workload and morale at Biosecurity Tasmania. The CPSU is very concerned about the findings.

The survey showed:

  • 60% of respondents said they currently had significant workload issues with 80% of respondents saying workload pressure had the potential to impact on their standard of work. 84% of respondents said they stayed late, had short lunch breaks, came in on their day or took work home so they could complete their work.
  • 34% of respondents answered that Biosecurity Tasmania was not a fair and equitable place to work and 28% said Biosecurity Tasmania wasn’t a workplace that they enjoyed working in.
  • 66% of respondents disagreed with the statement Minister for Primary Industries Jeremy Rockliff made during Budget Estimates, when he refuted any claim that morale was at rock bottom in Biosecurity Tasmania.
  • 67% of respondents said workload pressure was having a negative impact on their personal lives.

CPSU Biosecurity Tasmania Organiser Nick Duncombe said the results were concerning.

“The CPSU is extremely worried about the staff who work in Biosecurity Tasmania,” Mr Duncombe said.

These frontline workers are putting in countless extra hours every week to keep our state protected. “Their workloads are too high to get their jobs done in their normal hours. Many are doing this work in a work environment where morale is at rock bottom.

“In budget estimates their Minister Jeremy Rockliff said “I totally reject that morale is low because there are a lot of positives and a lot of positive people working within Biosecurity Tasmania.”

“Well, our staff survey showed that 66% disagreed with Mr Rockliff on this point,” Mr Duncombe said.

“We ask the Minister to explain what led him to believe morale wasn’t low in this frontline service where workers are going above and beyond every day?”

Mr Duncombe said as these workers employer the government needed to act to ensure the health and wellbeing of these workers.

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