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CPSU SPSF PPL submission condemns proposed changes

IN ITS submission to the Fairer Paid Parental Leave Amendment Bill 2015 senate inquiry, the CPSU SPSF Group, which your union is part of, flagged that Bill will have a significant detrimental impact on public sector members.

The submission states that the Bill is a serious step backwards in terms of addressing the gender pay gap.


“The paid parental leave our members are entitled to through their agreements has been hard-won through bargaining. In some cases, workers may have forgone pay rises and better conditions in order to bargain for improved parental leave provisions. So making them now ineligible for the government scheme is fundamentally unfair,” the submission reads.


The CPSU SPSF Group recommended the senate inquiry reject the changes proposed in Bill, which would see a reduction of entitlements for our members.


You can read the submission here: CPSU SPSF submission to the Fairer Paid Parental Leave Inquiry

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