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Unions Tasmania women’s conference

THE UNIONS Tasmania Women’s Conference was on last Friday and saw a contingent of 11 CPSU Delegates take part. These women came from a range of worksites, agencies and occupations and it was fantastic to have two tables at the event to represent our union.

The conference focused on the gender pay gap, with speeches and workshops focusing closely on this issue. Currently the pay gap is 18.8% nationally, it’s higher in the private sector (24%) and lower in the public sector (12.3%) due to collective agreements. In Tasmania women still have to work 43 extra days a year to close the gender pay gap.

kate warner

Her Excellency Professor the Honourable Kate Warner AM, Governor of Tasmania spoke about her experience with the gender pay gap, which you can watch on YouTube here.

The women also heard from the Australian Services Union Assistant National Secretary Linda White on their long and successful campaign on the pay gap in the Community Services Industry. The session on women and superannuation was both startling and educational. Did you know that 38% of Australian women had no superannuation? We also learned that 90% of Australian women don’t have enough superannuation to retire on.

Tips for looking after superannuation were: make sure you have one fund to maintain; to put extra into your superannuation if you’re able to; ensure you have adequate income protection; and find out where to go for help and guidance.

Delegates were able to choose from three workshops during the day, Organising around the Pay Gap, the ACTU’s Build a Better Future campaign and Negotiation Skills for women.

It was great to spend a day getting to know CPSU Delegates and other participants and learning about the pay gap and practical ways to address gender issues at work.

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