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Workplace Relations inquiry: Draft report ominous for workers

THE PRODUCTIVITY Commission’s Draft report on the workplace relations framework was released yesterday and although it’s a draft – it’s an attack on the rights and entitlements of workers.

There are some really worrying recommendations – changes to the minimum wage, the National Employment Standards, penalty rates, the way union members can take industrial action plus a suggestion to introduce something called an ‘enterprise contract’, which is described as a “collective individual flexibility arrangement, but with some further flexibility”.

There are a lot of references in the report to the Australian Business Council, which is not an advocate for workers’ rights by any means.

The final report should be provided to the Government in November 2015. Before this time there are public hearings around Australia, including one in Hobart in September.

The Australian Council of Trade Unions made a strong stand against this draft report yesterday, as did Unions Tasmania.

Unions Tasmania secretary Steve Walsh said the Commission had released a “partisan political document designed to lay the groundwork for an all-out assault on penalty rates, the minimum wage and workers’ rights”.

Find the report and more information here. Please note, the report it a large document of 1000 pages, so be aware before printing and downloading!

Read the ACTU response here and the Unions Tasmania response here: MR – Productivity Commission report spells disaster for Australian Workers


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