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Build a Better Future

THE ACTU’s Build A Better Future campaign is fighting back for fairness in the face of the anti-worker agenda of conservative governments across Australia and the campaign’s building momentum in a way not seen since the 2007 anti-WorkChoices effort.  

ACTU Secretary Dave Oliver said the Abbott Government had deepened inequality in Australia so it was now the 11th worst of 34 developed nations.

“As I travel the country workers they tell me they’re worried about job security, attacks on living standards and on wages and conditions, and we have a government fostering inequality and taking a wrecking ball to the social wage.”

Mr Oliver said the Federal Government’s agenda was to first destroy unions through its Royal Commission witch hunt and then use a Productivity Commission inquiry as the Trojan horse to dismantle penalty rates, the minimum wage and the role of unions in the industrial system under a re-elected Coalition Government.

The CPSU’s Thirza White only started work in our Hobart office last Monday but by Sunday she was door-knocking in Launceston to chat with voters about the Abbott Government’s anti-worker activities, and by Tuesday that had become the Turnbull Government’s anti-worker activities.  

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