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CPSU AGM: achievements & challenges

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ON AUGUST 28 the CPSU held its Annual General Meeting and, as always, it was a great opportunity for staff, Members, their families and other guests to hear about another busy year for the union, to see presentations to some dedicated public servants and to have a chat over lunch.

As CPSU General Secretary Tom Lynch told those gathered, there are challenges ahead of us, but he also ran through some of our many achievements over the past 12 months, including:

  • 950 workplace visits
  • 150 Member meetings across Tasmania
  • Supporting Members thru 50 workplace restructures and major workplace changes
  • Finalising 604 cases for CPSU Members who needed help
  • Winning Members over $550,000 in unpaid wages and entitlements
  • Running 30 cases in the Industrial Commission and the Fair Work Commission

A favourite part of our AGM is always the presentation of our CPSU Awards, Commendations and Scholarships.

Tasmania’s public sector is full of dedicated, talented people who do what they do with the help of their colleagues, and we try to acknowledge this in some small way each year.


This year’s CPSU Award recipients: Jo Jumper, Greg Rooke, Penny Malone. 


Jo Jumper

Jo is a fantastic, caring and helpful Child Protection Worker who’s able to communicate with the families she works with about what the exact issues are in a way that also has a calming affect on agitated parents. She also embraces the ‘signs of safety’ framework. Her work has led to some fantastic outcomes for many of the children she has helped, and she’s inclusive of everyone she works with, is always willing to help, and is a great member of the CYS team.



Greg Rooke

Greg’s colleagues at TasWater say he’s an upfront, honest, approachable, friendly and diplomatic Delegate who cares about everyone and isn’t afraid to stand up for what’s right, and he goes above and beyond to make sure all employees are treated fairly. Greg always looks for the best outcome for any issue, researching and investigating extensively so he can present the facts and best represent his colleagues. Greg never pushes anyone to say or do anything they don’t feel comfortable with, but is happy to consult with them if he can take action on their behalf.



Penny Malone

Along with working at Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery, Penny operates a studio-based textile design practice specialising in labour-intensive fabric printing using hand-cut stencils and small rollers. The simplicity of tools and materials of this method makes it ideal for teaching to others, and over the years Penny has taught it to school children, community groups and, with TMAG, inmates at the Mary Hutchinson Women’s Prison. More recently Penny worked with a group of former refugee women from the Hazara/Afghan community, culminating in a public exhibition of hand-printed and stitched fabrics that combined their new skills with traditional embroidery methods.



Recipients: Bernard Plumpton, Paul Mackin, Kim McLachlan, Lisa Watts and Stephanie Muller

Bernard Plumpton

bernard plumpton

Bernard has consistently encouraged and supported staff at Forestry Tasmania’s Southern Region head office during a time of significant change. He made himself available to everyone when they had any concerns and was able to communicate effectively with staff of all levels, something helped by his sense of humour. Bernard is compassionate and understanding and passionate about workers’ rights and a fair go for everyone, and is prepared to stand up and advocate for his fellow employees.

Paul Mackin

AGM 2015 Paul Mackin

Over the last 5 years, numerous requests from inspectors to Worksafe Tasmania Management addressing the sampling and storage of asbestos samples taken by the inspectors had fallen on deaf ears resulting in possible asbestos exposure to all workers. Paul Mackin stepped in and demanded action be taken, recording his exposure to asbestos. He caused decisive action to be taken by management and ensured the WHS regulator for Tasmania was making its own workplace as safe as it expects other workplaces to be. His colleagues are very grateful that he stuck his neck out on behalf of all of them to address the issue.

Kim McLachlan

AGM 2015 Kim McLachlan

According to her DHHS Corporate Services colleagues Kim has been an outstanding Workplace Delegate as she’s successfully negotiated their workplace through a number of issues with the potential to significantly impact Members. Kim’s worked tirelessly as a union Delegate and as the Workplace Health & Safety representative. She increased the number of union members in her workplace through her strong work ethic and deep commitment to the welfare of her fellow workers.

Lisa Watts

Lisa is a Delegate for Launceston Community Corrections and is outstanding in her role as she offers her time, guidance and support to each staff member equally. She’s discreet and respectful when addressing sensitive matters and is consistently fighting for self-care, bettering workload issues and concerns and stopping bullying in the workplace. Lisa is approachable and ethical and colleagues said she deserved recognition for her dedication.

Stephanie Muller

Stephanie has been a Delegate in the Magistrates Court for a few years and colleagues feel she’s single-handedly kept the union relevant and vital in her workplace, even when the membership level has been low. She keeps all Members, and non-members, informed about government initiatives, projects and plans and has enabled a high level of dignity and respect about the role of the union in the workplace and beyond.



The CPSU Amy Batt Memorial Scholarships are in memory of the late Amy Batt, daughter and sister of ex-CPSU Organisers Jill and Jacob Batt, and the scholarships are for any CPSU Member or their child who’s studying at any recognised University (including conservatorium or art school) or TAFE Institute in Australia. As always, our recipients receive their $1000 cheques earlier in the year but we give formal recognition and present certificates at each AGM.

Laura Walter

AGM 2015 Laura Walter

Laura is the daughter of long-standing CPSU Member Derek Walter and is studying a Bachelor of Social Science at the University of Tasmania with plans to pursue a career in the area of overseas aid or social work within Australia, developing the passion for helping the needy that she’s already shown through volunteer work. Laura has many interests including performing in local theatre productions, being part of Hobart’s Scottish Country Dancing group, Girl Guides and the Samaritans Purse Operation Christmas Child program.

Winona Davis

AGM 2015 Winona Davis

Winona is the daughter of another long standing member of the CPSU, Phil Davis, and she’s studying Certificate II in retail Makeup & Skin Care, and Certificate II in Nail Technology to pursue a career in the beauty industry, especially as a makeup artist. She loves helping people feel beautiful, especially those from diverse backgrounds, and wants to give care and support to people with disabilities, focusing on teaching them adaptable makeup routines and makeup for special occasions such as school formals that can be very stressful for some girls. The industry can have a very narrow view of beauty but Winona says everyone is beautiful in different ways. She has many other interests including horse riding, art, tattoos, social media and music and is passionate about animal welfare, marriage equality, size acceptance and ending racism. She also helps her mother fundraise for Union Aid Abroad by selling raffle tickets and designing cards that are sold to raise money.


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