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CPSU wins 7-day reprieve for CYS staff

YOUR CPSU has won a seven day postponement of the relocation of Child & Youth Services employees to St John’s Park in New Town.   

Member’s concerns and the failure of CYS to consult were taken to the Industrial Relations Commission this week, with DHHS finally agreeing consultation hasn’t occurred and it must deal with staff concerns before staff relocation.

1)  Acknowledgement by DHHS  

‘The Department of Health and Human Services acknowledges there has been a large quantum of change across the DHHS review which has necessitated various organisational changes. Coupled with this there have been changes to lease arrangements at short notice. The DHHS and Child and Youth Services acknowledge that the compounding of these two issues have regrettably resulted in a consultation process which was not in accordance with the Health and Human Services (State Service) Award requirements.’

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