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Mineral Resources Tasmania: No forced relocation for workers just yet

AFTER 18 months we welcome commitment from Minister Harriss and his Department of State Growth to no forced relocation of Mineral Resources Tasmania employees to Burnie in the first of a four-stage MRT restructure. 

This commitment came as a direct result of a petition signed by MRT employees and an alternate proposal submitted to the Minister  – but although it’s a big step forward it’s not enough.

The Department has refused to provide a change proposal to explain why the relocation is happening or any detailed information on stage 2 that would allow staff to make an informed decision and understand the impact the change would have on them and the families who depend on their income.  

There’s no argument that Burnie needs investment and job opportunities, but it’d be far better to spend the money allocated to the MRT move on employing Burnie locals to deliver services Burnie needs such as Child Protection, drug treatment programs and Community Corrections.   

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