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NW hospital staff to take stop work action

CPSU and HACSU Members at North West Regional Hospital and Mersey Community Hospital will stop work tomorrow because the disrespect shown to them by their employer leaves them with no choice but to take action to secure the future for themselves and their families.  


In June it was announced a review would be done by an external consultant that would affect staff in Food Services, Facilities Management, Biomedical Engineering, Communication Services, Property Management and Maintenance at North West Regional Hospital and Mersey Community Hospital. These are the unsung workers who make hospitals function while being some of the lowest paid in the Tasmanian health system, and they deserve secure employment and to know what their future holds.


Despite CPSU requests, Tasmanian Health Organisation North West has failed to provide terms of reference or a guarantee that jobs won’t be outsourced.


“If THO-NW has nothing to hide, and no intention of outsourcing jobs, then denying any plan to outsource should be easy, but the refusal to rule it out can only lead to the conclusion that it’s a real threat,” CPSU Organiser Nick Duncombe said.

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