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Our Child Protection Crisis

ON TUESDAY in the Tasmanian Industrial Commission the CPSU put to the government that there’d been no progress on job vacancies since April 2015. The Commission agreed.  

In fact the reports show that consistently there are 20.6 FTE below the target in CYS.

All around the service there are crisis points.  

Some Members have told us that their caseload is triple what it’s supposed to be. Others are carrying cases when their job doesn’t require it.  

Members are telling us things like:

  • The feeling that you are letting these children down is not only terrible for us as workers but frustrating for families we are trying to help.  
  • The workload is ridiculous; often you can’t deal with issues until they get really bad, just because there’s too much to do.  
  • We are the people who are trying to support Tasmanian children and we really need support to do this job.

A long term solution is needed. No more ad hoc quick fixes that are just plugging holes. The Government is choosing to allow these workers to be burdened with being unable to help these families, and preventing these children from getting the help they need.  

It’s time for the Government to stop ignoring its responsibilities to Tasmanian children and families and make sure there are enough staff in Children and Youth Services as well as adequate relief employees. These workers should be able to do their jobs to help protect and support families, not be assigned cases they’re unable to give enough time to.  

The CPSU is talking with Children and Youth Services staff about our next steps so that Child Protection employees have enough time to support and protect Tassie children and families.


What is a caseload?

It’s the number of families that a Child Protection Worker supports or how many children these workers protect at any one time. The amount of time and work on each case fluctuates on how much support and help these families need.

Show your support!

Click here to send a message of support to our overworked Children Protection Members.

Some Members have already sent in messages of support, which have been received by people working in Children and Youth Services.

Messages included:

“Your caring and efforts to look after others make Tassie a better place…” 

“Stay united with your colleagues, look after yourself and have faith in your CPSU to maintain the fight in the interests of staff and the welfare of children” 

“I hope the Government sees sense and employs more people soon, but in the meantime do all the things you must to look after yourself so you can keep going…”

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