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Safety first: take-home messages from Health & Safety Rep conference

A HOBART conference about health and safety at work last week saw 10 of our public sector union representatives attend.

What our Members thought:

“I learned some useful information and tips for supporting other staff during disciplinary action.”

Steve, Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery

“I really enjoyed meeting HSRs from a variety of industries and hearing their experiences. I hope to go back to my work and improve both physical and mental safety in the workplace.”

Elizabeth, Tas Prison Services

“I’ve learned how to be a better support person and how workers’ comp really works. My fellow representatives and I hope to make our workplaces healthier and safer.”

Gloria, Mental Health Services

Member News WHS

Safety and health, both mental and physical are a serious issue that impacts on both the work and home lives of working people, and is too important to ignore. If you’re and HSR and union Member let us know as Health and Safety is union business.


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