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Work, Health and Safety and Mental Health

TODAY the Health & Safety Representatives (HSR) Conference was on in Launceston, with a Hobart event to follow next week.

This Unions Tasmania organised event delved into a host of topics on this important issue that can have far reaching and damaging consequences for Tasmanians. The conference explored issues like safe work systems and safety culture, conducting risk assessments and supporting injured workers and much more. One issue that our public sector Members are dealing with is workload. It’s a Work Health and Safety issue, with a high workload impacting both physically and mentally.

Government cuts to staff and resources mean employees suffer ever growing pressure, with two of our recent surveys showing that this stress is taking a toll, especially at home. Members told us things like:

  • It’s hard to sleep at night because I’m thinking about work.
  • I’m worried that he continual stress due to work overload and only ever skimming the surface of all the jobs might lead to some kind of breakdown, either physical or mental.
  • I have severe anxiety. Outside work I am fatigued and lack of motivation.

The government’s decision not to provide adequate resources impacts on the mental health of public sector employees. Stuck between their drive and goodwill to help the Tasmanian community and the physical and mental limits of what they’re able to do each day.

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The Hobart conference is on next Tuesday, October 20 at Wrest Point, find out more here.  

If you are a HSR and a Member let us know so that we can make sure we are speaking to you about these issues.

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