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Amelia Perales: CPSU Member & Pride of Australia Medal Winner

Amelia’s positivity and bravery earned her a Pride of Australia medal this year. In a ceremony at the Blundstone Arena in October Amelia received the award in the Fair Go category after overcoming many difficulties during her life.

Amelia always has a smile on her face despite her past difficulties. “With all the trials I’ve been through in the past; it’s amazing for me to share my experiences.”

Born in the Philippines, at six years old Amelia’s Dad died and she had to make do with one meal a day. Before turning 10 she cared for herself and her nine-year-old brother, starting work at 13 to contribute money to help build the family home. Tragically, a cyclone destroyed this house, which was a real home to Amelia and her family.

Later in life when Amelia‘s husband was abusive towards her but she escaped.

With these experiences Amelia hopes to encourage others, especially women that there is life after hardship.” I always remind my kids to look back to where they come from and to always help others and be thankful for what they have now,” she said in a recent interview. 

Since moving to Australia she’s studied at the University of Tasmania achieving fantastic academic results.

Amelia loves working at the North-West regional Hospital, enjoys meeting new people and giving her best each day.

“I always make sure I perform to the highest standard. I love my job and I’m proud of my work cleaners are very important in all places, especially in the hospital.” 

She’s also an unashamed CPSU Member. “With the CPSU I am very proud to be one of the members and I will always support and stand up for what I believe is right and fair to everyone, especially in the work.”

Outside work Amelia is a member of a cultural dance group. Since receiving the Award in a ceremony in October, Amelia’s been asked to go to Canberra to meet the Ambassador, and was recently interviewed by ABC radio.

Congratulations Amelia, we are proud of you too.

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