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Ad hoc cuts to our Health Service

MEANWHILE in our Tasmania Health Service, Minister Michael Ferguson hasn’t learned from past mistakes of his government, announcing the axing of 80 positions to this vital service.

These cuts are not planned. Minister Ferguson has no strategy, we’ve seen how well that’s worked across the public service!!

Since Will Hodgman and Peter Gutwein’s  cuts began last year, the public sector union was concerned about how these were going to happen, especially with the use of Workplace Renewal Incentive Programs (WRIPs).

As the name suggests, WRIPS are not redundancies – the purpose of these is to renew the workforce and either replace the people who choose to leave and take these payments, or re-profile the work unit.

However, this was not the case, with some managers using these to make savings and not re-profiling or replacing the positions of those who left – simply loading up the remaining staff with more work.

Our union office saw cases of the guidelines being applied inconsistently and WRIPS effectively being used as cheap redundancies.

Earlier this year the State Service Management Office report showed that documentation was  incomplete, inconsistent and inaccurate in THS –South.

It also showed that in THS South there were two positions abolished after the employees in them had received a WRIP.


Find a CPSU fact sheet about WRIPs here (CPSU ADVICE – WRIP Oct 7 2014). If you have seen WRIPS being used in your workplace, without these positions being refilled, then let us know.

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