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Child Protection Crisis: action needed

ALL CHILDREN deserve to be protected and safe and this week a RTI submitted by the ABC revealed that 8 of the 151 cases that were not dealt with in the state’s North West were of significant concern regarding harm or risk of harm.

This comes as no surprise to Child Protection employees who work on the front line of this essential service every day. Recently 118 Child Protection and Family Violence employees wrote to Minister Petrusma to ask for more staff. More well trained, supported and permanent Child Protection and Family Violence employees will keep children safe.

Instead of working with Child Protection employees, who know how best to protect and care for children, Minister Jacquie Petrusma responded that unions were just playing politics and there was no resourcing problem.

See our dissection of Minister Petrusma’ s media statement below (click to make it bigger).

We need staff now, not in 3-5 years (1)

Meanwhile in South Australia … CPSU members in Families South Australia this week voted to escalate industrial action in response to Government’s ongoing neglect and underfunding of Child Protection.

The challenges we face are the same, deliberate underfunding that is putting children at risk: high workload, too many vacancies, and over use of short term contracts.

If we don’t stand up for Tassie kids then who will? If staff don’t take action, then nothing will change. We can do better for Tasmanian families and children.

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