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Friday Wrap: the last seven days at a glance


ON WEDNESDAY Australian Bureau of Statistics data about Tasmanians’ health was damning compared to national figures but Minister Michael Ferguson continues to hack away at our health service, announcing he’d axe 80 positions on Friday last week. 

Untitled design (16)Child Protection

THIS week a right to Information made it clear there’s a freeze on vacancies in Child Protection. The RTI showed that Minister Petrusma was warned several times about the impact of the understaffing crisis and what it means to Tassie families and kids. The report showed that eight of the 151 cases with significant concerns regarding harm or risk of harm were not actioned in the state’s North-West – and the Minster knew about them. On this, Examiner readers said:

  • “Disgraceful. We need more child protection workers, and more support for families at risk now! The problems that stem from child abuse are serious and vast. We are failing as a society when we fail to protect the vulnerable.”
    “How about instead of wasting tens of thousands of dollars on a flaming consultant to tell them how to keep their workers they use that same money to help employ more workers. Just listen to the staff. It isn’t the job, the pay, the clients or even management that is driving them away. It is not having enough workers, meaning that each individual is under too much pressure workload wise. Every competent consultant they hire will just tell them to hire more workers, something that would be easier to achieve if they weren’t hiring consultants instead of workers.”


Family Violence

MINISTER Jacquie Petrusma hasn’t filled vacant positions in the Family Violence Counselling and Support Service, leading to the remaining staff experiencing heavy workloads. This is ultimately impacting on those women and children who need help. In short, there aren’t enough people to help Tasmanian women and children suffering family violence.

The solution: Employ more staff in the FVCSS permanently – sadly the problem of Family Violence isn’t going away anytime soon.

Instead: Minister Petrusma has given money to a private organisation to do the work of the vacant FVCSS positions.

The workers in the FVCSS weren’t able to have a say on this, and this week the Industrial Commission said Minister Petrusma’ s Agency had failed to consult and her Agency was indeed outsourcing this work. (click the graphic below to make bigger).

Privatising your services (1)


Meanwhile the same thing is happening to our services in TasTAFE but in a slightly different way.

Education Minister Jeremy Rockliff is starving this service of the funding it needs to provide skills and opportunities for Tasmanians. Instead he’s awarding tenders to private and interstate providers.

We’ve all seen the news stories about some dodgy training providers.

Tasmanians deserve to have educational and training outcomes that are best for its citizens, rather than focusing on making a private company profit.

But almost the entire $2.4 million skills fund went to interstate and private providers.

Is Minister Rockliff also trying to wash his hands of the educational outcomes of Tasmania? Read more in the Mercury article below (click image to make it bigger).


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