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Friday wrap: the last seven days at a glance

Climate March

LAST weekend Hobart unions joined members of the public to march for climate change.

Across Australia and the world rallies demonstrated that citizens want action on this important social and environmental issue that affects the lives of future generations.

The rallies were timed with the UN Climate Summit that’s taking place in Paris now. However in the French capital, the public were not allowed to march or demonstrate after the recent terrorist events in the city. Instead, people at rallies around the world, including here in Hobart, carried signs with the names of Parisians who could not march in their own city so they too could show their support.


Child Protection

Minister Jacquie Petrusma denied there is a crisis in Child Protection this week.

Read the Examiner story here.


JacMeanwhile in Health Minister Michael Ferguson made a surprise announcement in the media that he was looking to axe 80 jobs. Read more here.

Here’s what Examiner readers are saying in response to Minister Michael Ferguson cutting 80 positions in health:

“Weasel words from Ferguson. Basically saying ‘we’re cutting jobs to improve services’. How can that be logical? Utter nonsense.”

“Got to say I’m always suspicious when they strip away a position from one area to bolster another. It doesn’t matter how many nurses you have if there’s no one there to process their pay. It’s counterproductive removing admin staff only to have the front line staff have to take on the role instead of their speciality.”

“Newsflash for the minister- the “frontline” doesn’t work well without a “backline “to support it. You can’t just cull the backline without it having an impact on how well frontline workers are able to do their jobs.”


Two more Correctional Officers were assaulted this week in Launceston.

That’s too many this year.

However, in good news at the Prison, members said ‘no’ to accepting a change that would negatively impact their safety.

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