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Friday Wrap: the last seven days at a glance

Untitled design (27)Biosecurity Tas

This week we heard that thousands of sheep and cattle are stranded in our state. Farmers are destocking because of the drought but a bottleneck in transport means these animals are stuck in Tassie.

Meanwhile the cuts that Will Hodgman’s government have meant there are hardly any Animal Welfare Officers, with only one currently working in the North. This is not good enough for these animals or our export industry.
Child Protection

Untitled design (28)Meanwhile the Right to Information document on vacancies in Child Protection Services has highlighted what we’ve known for a long time: more staff have been needed for a long time to protect and support Tasmanian families. 

In the report there are many mentions of the impacts to these children as well as the Children and Youth Services staff who are trying their best but there are simply not enough of them. Read just one excerpt below.

Minute to the Secretary Feb 2015:

“It is essential for these positions to be filled to ensure an adequate response to children at risk. There is no capacity for the caseloads of these vacancies to be reallocated to other child protection staff.

The Child Protection Worker role is not exempt from vacancy control requirements.

The more staff vacancies the greater the redistribution of children across staff, resulting in less time a child protection worker has to commit to each child on their caseload.

High levels of reallocated children to new CPWs due to vacancies frequently results in case drift, missed information and inconsistent case management all of which can have a significant impact on a Child’s life.

Increase workload over time will and is resulting in decreased efficiency due to worker fatigue, stress and illness and resignations.

There are no other positions able to take on these duties.”

Public Access to Park

Accessibility – a core public sector value is under threat at the Three Capes Track. Read the article below (click on the image to make it bigger).

three capes








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