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TODAY Child Protection employees are giving voice to the hundreds of Tasmanian children who have been failed by an under resourced system in 2015. They are calling on Minister Petrusma to act now to protect and support children and families instead of waiting a further 3-5 years for a redesign process to be implemented. “Kids should be able to be kids, especially at Christmas, but for many Tasmanian children life’s not that simple,” CPSU Assistant Secretary Thirza White said.

“Children are suffering abuse and neglect today and their families need support today,” Ms White said. “Our members know that waiting for the system to be redesigned is just letting these children fall further through the cracks.”

To symbolise the children whose voices have not been heard Child Protection employees will silently protest with a children’s toy or shoe.

“The toys and shoes represent the children that Family Violence and Child Protection employees feel are not getting the time and support they need because of chronic understaffing,” Ms White said.

A recent Right to Information report made it clear that the Department have known for months that understaffing is putting children at risk and damaging staff health. Extracts from the RTI are attached.

“There is no point Premier Hodgman shedding crocodile tears about his government failing to deliver for vulnerable children and families when has the power to fix the problems but refuses to act,” Ms White said.

“Our members Christmas wish is for Minister Petrusma to lift the go slow on recruitment so children and families can access the help they need and their New Year’s resolution is to take whatever action is required to keep kids safe,” Ms White said.

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