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IN A SHOCKING revelation a 95-year-old woman was left to wait on the floor in the Royal Hobart Hospital Emergency Department.

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AMA Tasmania’s Tim Greenaway: 

“Tasmanians are waiting longer than anyone for surgery that, although is titled elective, is in fact necessary and impacts heavily on emergency load in public hospitals,” he said.

“What it shows is that year after year Tasmanians have a public health system that is under pressure and the situation is getting worse. We need appropriate funding from Commonwealth and State governments.”

Council on the Ageing Tasmania chief executive Sue Leitch

“This is appalling — older people have rights. That is a breach of their rights to be put in that situation, We want a better response than what has been [provided],” she said.

“We do have concerns about how older people are treated in the health system … we’ll be talking to the Health Minister to find out what’s going on.”

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Child Protection

A PRODUCTIVITY Commission report confirms what Child Protection workers have known for a long time – there’s a resourcing crisis.

The report showed In 2014-15 the Hodgman government spent the least of any state per child on all child protection services. The report shows the impacts of this on the number of children without a case plan rising, and the number of investigations taking 29 days or more to start the highest of all states other than Queensland.

One thing is clear Minister Petrusma needs to act now to protect Tasmanian children and support their families.

spending cuts

Weekend rates … and more!

firie rally march 27 2012 006This week hundreds of public sector workers across our agencies continued working around the clock, on weekends, nights and yesterday’s public holiday, in a joint effort to fight the fires threatening our parks and property. There’s a range of rights that make up for working non-traditional hours it’s important that we recognise and fight for these. Penalty rates, overtime and loadings are some of the different ways in which employees are compensated for working the hours that the rest of us are home with our families or doing the things we love.

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