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Biosecurity: understaffing leaves putting our industries at risk

OFTEN you don’t notice something is working or its value until it’s broken.
Public sector workers like many of you often do your jobs behind the scenes, not visible to the public but creating the scene that they encounter every day. When understaffing and workload undermine the services they rely on, that’s when cracks start to appear and people notice.
For 12 months Biosecurity Tasmania staff have raised their concerns about the risk to our quarantine barrier from understaffing.
Although we’re only 13 days into the New Year, we’ve seen already seen two reports that’ve confirmed Biosecurity employees’ concerns about understaffing, read these below. Biosecurity employees made the decision to suspend their action over the festive season to support industry in their peak period and to give Minister Rockliff time to resolve the ongoing understaffing in Biosecurity. Today Delegates discussed future action.

Victorian Gecko detected by the public
Read the story here.

It shouldn’t be left to the public to detect these risks – more staff at Biosecurity are needed to protect our tourism and export industries, which are both on the rise (read more here and here).

Airport understaffing
Read the whistle-blower account here.

Imported animal feed: increased biosecurity risk
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What you can do: Tasmanians know the importance of keeping pests like the fruit fly out of our unique island state to protect our industries. Please speak to people who you know about the risk  continued understaffing  Biosecurity Tasmania has on our valuable exports. 

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