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Build a better future Launceston Blitz

STREET stalls, door knocking, wobble boarding, petitioning and plenty of conversations. A host of Save our Weekend Supporters descended on Launceston last week to ramp up the push to keep our weekend rates.

Tom, Thirza, Kathryn, Ruby, Sarah and Ange joined other unions for the blitz. In their visits to Launceston public sector workplaces, it was great to see many Members also sign the petition to save weekend rates.

On the blitz Ruby said:

“We had people telling us that they wouldn’t be able to put food on their tables some weeks if it wasn’t for their weekend rates. Others had teenage children who needed their weekend rates so they could afford to study. Many people who signed the petition didn’t receive penalty rates but were happy to support the principle of protecting our rights and entitlements.

“At the football there were people rushing to get a seat inside the gates but some would turn around and sign the petition once they realised what we were there for.

During the honk-a-thons we had so much support – people were waving out the windows at us, honking and smiling. One morning some people who were on their way to work asked us if they could join in because they felt so strongly about the campaign and the importance of weekend rates.”

Check out photos below – click on the images to make them bigger.


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