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Friday Wrap: the week at a glance

WRIP review deferred

WE’VE had significant concerns about Will Hodgman’s Workplace Renewal Incentive Programs (WRIPs) for a long time.

These concerns include:

  • WRIPs being used as cheap redundancies, with positions not being replaced which then impacts of staff workload and Tasmanian services
  • Unfairness: age and gender bias influencing who receives a WRIP.

This week the Auditor General has deferred an independent audit into these programs.

Read the Mercury article from Monday below (click image to enlarge).


Numbers show  impact of service cuts

THE PRODUCTIVITY Commission’s recently released reports on Government Services, including Health, Vocational Education and Training, and Courts, confirm what Members have been telling us – that our public sector is under resourced, which is impacting on the services that support us all to build better lives.

The reports on health, courts, and vocational education and training showed the following.


Elective surgery: Waiting for longer











Percentage of patients who waited more than 365 days

2013-14: 11.5%

2014-15: 12.9%

This was the highest proportion out of any state or territory for both financial years.



Courts: Lives on hold

Untitled design (46)Backlog for criminal matters: at 30 June 2015

Supreme courts: We had the highest pending caseload for appeals waiting 24 months compared to any other state. We also had the highest caseload for non-appeals waiting 24 months as well

Magistrates’ court: Tasmania had the highest pending caseload for matters waiting six months and for matters waiting 12 months, compared to any other state or territory.


TasTAFE: less investment in public education

TAFE (2)











The Productivity Commission report on Vocational Education and Training released yesterday showed that:

Investment in Vocational Education and Training was cut in 2013-14.

Government real recurrent expenditure (2014 dollars) ($ per person aged 15–64 years):

2013: $409.15

2014: $415.05


The number of Registered Training Organisations increased from 2013-2014

2013: 129

2014: 14

The number of TAFE provider locations in our state was whittled down from 2013-2014:

2013: 40

2014: 36

From 2013-2014, there were more government payments 2013-2014 went to non-TAFE providers for VET delivery:

2013: $12.1m

2014: $16.3m

Meanwhile a leaked report raised concerns of a Federal Government takeover of TAFE. Read more here.

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