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Friday Wrap: the week at a glance

Housing: Auditor General’s report

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Privatisation means handing over control of public services that have our best interests at heart to third parties who have their own agendas.

This week the Tasmanian Auditor-General Mike Blake said the relationship between Housing Tasmania and some non-government organisations needed to be examined, with a lack of transparency. Read the ABC news story here.


Fruit fly risk to out state

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This week farming bodies raised concerns about an increased risk of fruit fly arriving in our state due to the warmer weather.

Fruit grower Tim Reid: “If we have an outbreak of fruit fly in Tasmania it will exclude us immediately from all our major export markets.” 

Fruit Growers Tasmania’s Phil Pyke: “Since it (fruit fly) became endemic in Victoria the risks are really increasing.” Read more here.

This is why we need strong Biosecurity services to protect our export industry and the crucial clean green status that drives it. But Biosecurity Tasmania staff don’t have the resources they need to protect our Biosecurity Barrier. For nearly twelve months Biosecurity employees have raised concerns about the risk to our quarantine barrier from under resourcing.

CSIRO cuts: Anger grows

Untitled design (93)CSIRO research fellow John Church said his Hobart CSIRO colleagues were stressed and worried about the future, as they wait to hear what jobs will go in the Oceans and Atmosphere division, which employs 200 Tasmanians. Read more here.

It comes as a letter signed by 2676 climate scientists from around the globe calls on the Turnbull Government to stop its cuts to science. Read an extract of this letter here.

Add your voice and say no to CSIRO cuts: Sign the petition at


ACTU: A not-so-taxing time for the rich

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THIS week ACTU President Ged Kearney wrote about how our tax system unfairly advantages the top 10 per cent of income earners.

Ms Kearney said: “It’s time to scale back multinational tax avoidance, stop pouring hard-earned tax dollars into the pockets of property developers and the super wealthy and design a system that serves the -majority. If we do this we may be able to fund the commitments we so desperately need in health, education and disability.”

Read more of her column that appeared in the Daily Telegraph here.


Bargaining: advocating for the public services Tasmanians need

PSUWA16 BABF-PTBP CPSU banner 300dpi CMYK colour printingCPSU Organisers have a series of scheduled visits out to workplaces over the next few weeks to find out what you think in the lead up to our 2016 public sector bargaining. Last week we started talking to Members in the North about their priorities in this year’s Public Sector Unions Wages Agreement.

Members spoke to us about the importance of having a strong public sector and workplaces, the need for adequate resourcing and the ability to progress their careers.

We look forward to hearing what you have to say too. The Tasmanian public sector is a strong union workplace. We need to keep it that way so we have a voice in every corner of our public sector. We want better lives, better workplaces and better services for our state.


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