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Friday Wrap: the week in review

AS WELL AS CONTINUING OUR work helping public sector staff who deliver the services we all need, this week we

Called for the Medicare sell-off to stop

sign the petition (1)PRIME MINISTER Turnbull is continuing in Abbott’s footsteps when it comes to privatising Medicare.

Australians want Medicare to stay public hands – so that our privacy is protected, and so that our public health system stays accountable to us. Medicare outsourcing means handing over control of a system we all rely on, to a private company who are not answerable to the Australian public.

Medicare needs to stay public.

You can help too. Sign the petition here.


Stood up for science

stand upfor sciencePublic services help to improve all of our lives both now and in the future and scientists are critical to evidence based policy. But job cuts and underfunding are undermining our science capability that’s been built up for decades and we will feel the impact for generations.

The Turnbull government is making deep cuts to climate science programs. Previous Coalition cuts to the CSIRO have drastically limited our research capacity.

Read more here.  Sign the petition and stand up for science here

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Let Them Stay:

All children should be from free from danger and able to live in safety. Kids should be able to be kids, and allowed to flourish and thrive. Take your own photo and share on social media using the hashtag #LetThemStay

let them stay1

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