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Public Services: there for when we need them

OUR PUBLIC services need to have an adequate level of resourcing so they’re able to respond and help our community every day.
We need to know our health service is ready to react to a crisis in our state; We need staff in our emergency services to answer out calls if we’re in trouble, and if there’s a drought we’re prepared as much as we can be.
Here are some recent examples of why our public services need to be properly resourced.

Fruit fly
This week farming bodies raised concerns about an increased risk of fruit fly arriving in our state due to the warmer weather.
Fruit grower Tim Reid: “If we have an outbreak of fruit fly in Tasmania it will exclude us immediately from all our major export markets.”
Fruit Growers Tasmania’s Phil Pyke: “Since it (fruit fly) became endemic in Victoria the risks are really increasing.”  Read more hereThis is why we need strong Biosecurity services to protect our export industry and the crucial clean green status that drives it. But Biosecurity Tasmania staff don’t have the resources they need to protect our Biosecurity Barrier. For nearly twelve months Biosecurity employees have raised concerns about the risk to our quarantine barrier from under resourcing.

Fire resources
This year the fires in our state are devastating, brought on by a hotter, drier summer, with staff in Parks and Wildlife, Forestry Tasmania and our Fire Service under enormous pressure.
This comes after Will Hodgman made huge cuts to our workforce. Just in Parks alone, Hodgman cut 30 FTE staff in the last financial year, with 50 FTE employees axed from Forestry in 2015. This is not the way to plan for the El Nino conditions for this summer that were officially declared in May 2015.
These cases highlight why we need our public sector well-resourced that’s able to respond to, not only emergencies, but the continual demand from Tasmanians who rely on these services.

Bargaining: advocating for the public services Tasmanians need

CPSU Organisers have a series of scheduled visits out to workplaces over the next few weeks to find out what you think in the lead up to our 2016 public sector bargaining. Last week we started talking to Members in the North about their priorities in this year’s Public Sector Unions Wages Agreement. Members spoke to us about the importance of having a strong public sector and workplaces, the need for adequate resourcing and the ability to progress their careers.

On the Launceston visits, Organiser Ruby Dennison said:
“So many Members were excited to have their voice count. We had Members joining, stepping up into Delegate roles and sharing their stories about how important being part of the union was throughout the visits.”

We look forward to hearing what you have to say too. The Tasmanian public sector is a strong union workplace. We need to keep it that way so we have a voice in every corner of our public sector. We want better lives, better workplaces and better services for our state.

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