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Trans Pacific Partnership: CPSU SPSF expresses concerns

WE’RE proud to add our voice to concerns about the Trans Pacific Partnership.

ON February 1 the CPSU (SPSF) joined 58 other community organisations that expressed the following fears:

Expert analysis of the text reveals that the TPP:

  • Allows foreign corporations to sue governments over changes to domestic law in unfair international tribunals which have no independent judiciary, no precedents and no appeals. Cases against tobacco regulation can be excluded, but ‘safeguards’ for other health, environment, labour rights and public interest regulation are ineffective and will not prevent future cases. Governments could be sued for taking action against climate change, undermining the Paris climate agreement.
  • Locks in stronger monopoly rights for pharmaceutical companies which will lead to higher prices for medicines. Australia’s law on costly biologic medicines will not change immediately. But there is a commitment to deliver up to 3 years of additional monopoly for biologic medicines, which will cost the PBS hundreds of millions of dollars a year for each year of delay in availability of cheaper medicines.
  • Locks in strong enforceable rights for copyright holders, which are mostly global corporations, which could prevent future governments from protecting consumer rights.
  • Contains only weak labour rights and environmental standards which are not enforceable, and will not protect the rights of increased numbers of temporary migrant workers.
  • Removes labour market testing for temporary migrant workers from 5 TPP countries. This will expose more of these workers to exploitation as seen in 7-Eleven stores and other industries without testing if Australian workers are available.


Read the full letter here: CSO letter final

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