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AHPRA Members Log of Claims

All AHPRA Agreements across the country end on 30 June 2016. CPSU negotiated clauses in these Agreements last round, which meant negotiations needed to start six months before their end date.

CPSU and AHPRA started negotiations on Wednesday February 3, with these meetings going ahead each fortnight. Meetings so far have focused on how the bargaining would proceed. These meetings also canvassed the length of the proposed agreement and to whom it would apply to.  We’ve also requested and received a significant amount of documentation from AHPRA to compile our claims. 

It’s now your time to have your say.

The CPSU developed a draft Log of Claims based on the information we have gathered. Our claims document, or log, outlines issues like Leave, Salary Classification, Hours of work and redundancies. 

Have your say: Find the  CPSU Log of Claims here: CPSU Log of Claims.
Take the time to read the log of claims and then click here to send your vote to Blair Dowker at the CPSU with any feedback by no later than Thursday March 24 by noon.  This is your chance to have a say on your working conditions, don’t miss out.

If you have an issue you’d like taken up in your Agreement, speak to Blair Dowker at the CPSU office on 6234 1708 or at

Once again, if you are a CPSU Member and have issues you want raised please don’t hesitate to speak to Blair, who represents you on the CPSU AHPRA Bargaining Team. If you’re reading this and aren’t a Member, join today, sign up online or call us on 6234 1708, when employees stick together they speak with a more powerful voice. 

bargaining is not a spectator sport.

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