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Build a Better Future: IWD highlights gender inequity in Australia

AUSTRALIA’S FUTURE needs working women and to encourage this we need to gender equity.

Yesterday  was International Women’s Day and the ACTU Gender Pay Gap – Over the Life Cycle report showed there’s plenty of work still to do, with women are still disadvantaged at every stage of life.

Childhood: Young girls receive 11% less pocket money than boys

The workplace: Women earn $284.20 less per week than men

Pregnancy, motherhood & caring: Women, during their child bearing years (25-44) earn up to 40% less than men in the same age group, regardless of if they have children

Retirement: The average superannuation balance for women at retirement is $138,150 for women compared with $292,500 for men

What Unions want: A government funded parental leave scheme of 26 weeks paid at no less than the national minimum wage plus superannuation; Fifteen hours of free childcare for every child per week for all families; and a  right to request flexible work arrangements that clearly set out an employer’s obligations to properly consider and make reasonable efforts to accommodate requests.

Read more here.

Sign the petition to save paid parental leave here.

Read the CPSU’s What Women Want 2015/16 survey report here, which shows what issues are important to women working in the Australian Public Service.  The survey showed:

Flexible working hours matter; women are under increasing pressure at work, respondents are finding it harder to manage their work and personal life and there’s greater concern about the outsourcing and casualisation of jobs.

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