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Friday Wrap: the week in review

Parliament is back and so are the weasel words

The Hodgman government must think Tasmanians and workers have underwent lobotomies since the last few years when they’ve stripped services and cut job after job in our public sector.

Get ready for rainbows and sunshine in 2016 – sound too good to be true? It is.

Public services that Tasmanians rely on are run down and under-resourced. We won’t hold our breath for Will Hodgman to reinstate the staff he cut – we smell a steady waft of outsourcing coming from this government who want to rid themselves of their responsibility to the communities it’s accountable to.










Great news: CYS Privatisation speculation quashed

AFTER WE saw all the hallmark signs and heard media reports that today’s Ministerial statement by Jacquie Petrusma was going to include the privatisation of Child Protection Intake we are pleased to report that those concerns have been quashed.

The Department of Health and Human Services has taken to social media to assure people Intake will not be privatised.

This is great news for Members and for Tasmanian families and children.

Child Protection email sig image - Nov 2015

MRT move: decision a waste of money

THIS week we told media that Will Hodgman’s plan to relocate Mineral Resources Tasmania to Burnie was a waste of money, which could be used in better ways to help the region.

CPSU’s Tom Lynch: ‘‘No one has ever put forward an argument that says this benefits and furthers Tasmania’s mining industry’’ 

Read the Examiner story here. Examiner readers said:

Deck chair shuffling… this will not really create any new employment in the state, just relocating staff from Hobart… and that will cost…

As for the claim that Burnie will give MRT staff better access to mining, just look at a map of currently active and proposed mines… the NW is not so broadly represented in that picture… Midlands, East Coast… the New Lithium mine that is proposed…

One wonders if this move was simply an election stunt for the Libs to buy some kudos in the NW electorates


How many jobs has this move of a government department created?
I bet the five employees have probably been relocated from Hobart.


Waste of money and resources but politically it looks good because it looks like someone has actually done something but in reality it’s all smoke and mirrors and nothing much has changed except some money has been wasted.


PSWUA: visits, conversations and surveys continue

Public Sector workers continue to talk to our Organisers about what’s important to them ahead of bargaining. Organisers are visiting workplaces and asking staff there to fill out a preliminary survey that will form the backbone of the online survey that will go out to all Members in April.











Biosecurity staff kept in dark

This week we learned that Biosecurity staff won’t see an audit report on the BT restructure.

There are plenty of other concerns for staff about the audit and how it’s happening, as well as many unanswered questions.


International Women’s Day

Tuesday was International Women’s Day – a day we celebrated with other union families at a barbecue in Hobart. But the news wasn’t all good on this day.

The ACTU Gender Pay Gap – Over the Life Cycle report showed there’s plenty of work still to do, with women are still disadvantaged at every stage of life.

Read more here.














CSIRO rally sees scientists make a stand

HUNDREDS of scientists concerned about CSIRO cuts left their workplaces and the International Climate Conference in Hobart to rally outside the Tasmanian parliament yesterday; their voice was heard, with #CSIROCuts was one of the third most popular hashtag in Australia for some hours yesterday and back-to-back media coverage.

Read more here.

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